Career Social (new!)

Career Social (header)


New in 2015, the Windham Workforce Investment Board and Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) are co-hosting the CAREER SOCIAL to provide a casual fun atmosphere for young professionals, college students, and other interested individuals to mingle with entrepreneurs and exemplary employers while enjoying tasty appetizers and drinks at the backroom bar of Duo Restaurant. The Social commences 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Career Expo at Brattleboro Union High School.




RSVP for the Career Social on Facebook or by email at [email protected] Invite your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Although encouraged, you do not have to attend the Career Expo in order to join us at the Social. 


Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To spark conversations at the Career Social, a handful of local entrepreneurs and young professionals will be on hand to share how they’ve been able to make a living in Southeastern Vermont by following their passion. They’ll provide a poster with the pertinent details about their enterprise and insights on their successes and challenges, and be ready for conversation with you!



Wild Carrot Farm: Caitlin Burlett and Jesse Kayan

Big Picture Farm: Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell

Hermit Thrush Brewery: Avery Schwenk



J.Jensen Creative: Jason Jensen

Digicraft: David Evans


Art and Design

Natalie Blake Studios / Fulcrum Arts: Natalie Blake

Wildwood Arts: Robin MacArthur



BuildingGreen: Candace Pearson