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More than 30 area businesses, colleges, and career services providers have already signed up to exhibit at southeastern Vermont’s 4th Annual CAREER EXPOOct. 20, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Brattleboro.

There are many reasons why you would want to exhibit at this year’s Career Expo:

  1. Raise awareness and excitement about the careers you offer
  2. Recruit for current vacancies in entry-level and skilled jobs
  3. Talk with young professionals and college students while enjoying delicious appetizers at the Career Social
  4. Build tomorrow’s workforce today by talking with middle and high school
    students about your career and why you love living in the area.
  5. Promote your brand to hundreds of local residents
  6. Help guide the education and skills development decisions of students and jobseekers by explaining the skills and qualifications you desire in new hires.
  7. Save on recruiting and marketing costs
  8. Network with local schools and agencies and discuss ways in which you can work together to develop the talent pipeline.
  9. Show your civic pride and leadership in addressing the region’s workforce and demographic challenges
  10. Enjoy the free lunch and the day out of the office!

CLICK: REGISTER ONLINE for more information on exhibiting at the 2016 Career Expo.

Thank you to all of our employers, schools, and service organizations for investing in Vermont’s workforce!